Lawyers for Pride

Lawyers, members of the bar associations from all around Turkey, are coming together in a signature action for A Declaration: “LGBTIQ+ Rights are Human Rights!

We have started out with the motto: “Pride is Our Signature”. Solidarity is increasing! The number of Colleagues joining the Declaration of the Turkish Platform for the LGBTIQ+ Rights and LGBTIQ+ Pride and Solidarity Against Hate have risen to 1000!

The Declaration will be kept standing and joined by subsequent Signers. Pride is Your Signature. The site will also be a platform for solidarity and activities for colleagues from all bar associations in Turkey.

The Text of the Declaration:

Lawyers for the Rights and Pride of the LGBTIQ+: : “LGBTİQ+ Rights Are Human Rights.

None of us are free until we are all equal.

All forms of discrimination are forbidden regardsless of whereever such dicrimination may originate in, no matter whether in the name of “science”, “religion”, or by neighbors, or inside-home or on street, no matter whether stirred up by the State, or by certain Institutions or the Society! Our Constitution, The UN and The ECHR Law are clear. The truth about the Fundamental Rights and Civil Liberties, the Law and the Ethics are all self-evident: LGBTIQ + Rights are Human Rights! We, as Lawyers, Members of the Bar Associations from all around Turkey, are Lawyers of LGBTIQ+ Rights!

Happy Pride Week, Happy Pride Marchs!